How to Build a POWERFUL Brand for Today’s World of Work

In today’s crowded workplace, no matter if you’re an organization or an individual – one of the most important areas you must focus on is the strength of your brand.

While every entity has a brand (which is simply your reputation), Adrion Porter defines a “powerful” brand as one that is committed to delivering massive value and meaningful impact.

During this presentation, Adrion will provide an overview of his signature 5-point framework and roadmap called: The Powerful BRAND Framework™, that is designed to help you as a marketer, executive, and leader create brand allegiance, and thrive in today’s new world of work. This presentation is for marketers and professionals who want to understand the true difference between marketing and branding – and why having a strong and powerful brand is the foundation to overall growth.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Define the key elements of your brand DNA and unique story
  • Amplify your brand value proposition across multiple platforms and touch-points
  • Cultivate relationships within your audience journey that are essential to brand success