Leveraging the Unexpected Relationship Between Data Scientists and Creatives to Build Savvier AI

This past year has proven that unprecedented times are nearly always “just around the corner.” From the pandemic to important social justice movements, to a remote workforce, the changes of 2020 have forever altered the way we see the world. But machine learning can’t detect these changes on its own—it requires direction, context and creative expertise. In short, it requires collaboration between data scientists and creatives, who, by joining forces, can build the kinds of models that can contextualize the world as it changes.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Differentiate the distinct functions of AI teams and creatives, and how they can work together toward the same goals
  • Understand why better, more accurate AI and machine learning tools should be a priority for creative teams, and how they can impact customers and the public at large
  • Learn how creatives can arm data scientists with the cultural context they need to develop more accurate AI and machine learning tools
  • Implement initial tactical changes to better weave together the data science and creative teams at your company