Social Selling: How to Sell Smarter & Get More Results in a Virtual World

In a recent worldwide report, it stated that over 77% of sales representatives are selling virtually, so there is no better time than now to practice social selling. With studies that show 90% of decision makers never respond to cold outreach, and it takes 6+ people to make a decision, how are you going to stand out in your prospecting efforts and book those meetings? The days of wining and dining in person are few and far between, and 44% of businesses’ sales cycles are longer than pre-COVID. This session will give you tactics on how to stand out in email and book more meetings, tips on reaching the decision maker on the phone, and how to incorporate LinkedIn prospecting for optimal results. This session is for digital marketers who are looking to create more engaging and responsive emails. I guarantee you will learn something new to implement immediately as the paradigm of selling has forever changed in a virtual world.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Craft emails and InMails that at least 3x your response rate
  • Implement subject lines, greetings, and cadences that get results
  • Understand the buyer and seller paradigm shift and why social now more than ever
  • Build credibility on LinkedIn to help shorten the sales cycle
  • Implement tips on the phone that get you to the decision maker faster