Treating Your Web Experiences as Digital Products to Drive Larger Impact

Digital marketing teams have been transitioning to agile workflows for the past decade, yet many organizations still struggle to bridge silos between Marketing, Product, Design, and Development. With watershed events like COVID-19, the need for a more collaborative approach is only exacerbated. In order to meet the moment, we have to look at our websites differently — they should be an extension of your product offering and embody your company’s mission. This talk will take you through how to foster a product-led perspective to performance marketing and drive your web experiences forward.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Align Marketing and Product to develop a leading digital strategy
  • Turn your customer’s experience on your website into an excellent one
  • Understand why the waterfall website relaunch doesn’t work anymore
  • Implement a WebOps mindset into your organization
  • Approach your website like a Digital Product Manager